The Main Hotel, Bairnsdale

First class+Delicious meal+Wide variety of meals+Must visit when in Bairnsdale!

Try the lamb – full of flavour and perfect texture. If you get to this hotel dining room you MUST have the sticky date pudding. It was well presented and I enjoyed it to the last spoonful! There’s also a good selection of local wines.

The dining room is charming. Antique tables and chairs, gave the place a really cosy feel. Decor is clean, comfy and cosy.

Good for small or large groups and room for children also. In walking distance of most motels.

If you’re ever passing through, make sure you stop for lunch here. Highly recommended.

Great service and a relaxed atmosphere by friendly country people – nothing was too much trouble.


Merimbula RSL, Mermbula

Heaven in the mouth+Fast&polite service+Big meal+Great value for money+5 STARS!

This place is an absolute must on a stay in Merimbula. It’s in walking distance from the CBD.

They have a really good variety of food from normal parmas, pasta, pizza, Chinese food, Thai food, seafood, grill. HEAPS of choices on the menu to please everyone.

The service is exceptional and the choice and quality of their meals are scrumptious.The staff kept coming over to check if everything was ok. The time between ordering and delivery to the table was unbelievable.

The meals themselves were fantastic. They were beautifully presented and generous in the serving.Great food… I tried the Swordfsh and Pad Thai. Pad Thai was as good as this one which I ate in Thailand. The fish was cooked to perfection really melted in my mouth – yummy! The deep fried icecream was the best I ever had!

Nice water views. Family friendly place. There is a kids babysitting service as

I’d recommend it to anybody. They can cater for large groups very well.Can’t speak highly enough of MRSL. Excellent and a must visit when staying in Merimbula.


BurgerFuel, Newtown, Sydney

Great Burgers+Top quality+Friendly staff+Spotless presentation+5 STARS!!

I had Cornflake Charger and Bacon BBQ Roadster and both were super delicious!

Both burgers looked like as shown on the pictures and it tasted like heaven on earth! The variety of burgers is significant.

Burgers are of great size and texture, fries fresh, chicken fenders melted in my mouth, thick milkshakes, kumara fries were great. The burgers were juicy and delicious.

The various ingredients are high quality, fresh, the sauces are delicious and they don’t skimp on anything.

The staff were friendly and the service was quick.

They have a great selection of burgers, use healthy delicious ingredients and they also have gluten free options.

I was in BurgerFuel before and the service and food is consistently good. The burgers are so tasty!!!!

You will find 20 high quality pictures of the Burger Fuel Newtown Sydney, Cornflake Charger and Bacon BBQ Roadster Burgers. Take a look how huge they are! Burgerfuel is top notch and you must taste it!

If you are in the area of central Sydney you must try this burger restaurant. One in a lifetime experience.

New Zealand

BurgerFuel, Christchurch, Papanui Rd

Primo quality, flawless presentation, top one place and food!

I was very impressed with the service and the nice decor.

staff were genuinely happy and friendly. The food was absolutely delicious!!!

They have lots of selection. The fries and aioli were perfect! The chicken fenders are great are the fries!

They offer three different varieties and snacks such as fries (potato and kumara) and motobites (pumpkin balls). They also offer soy thickshakes, so good. The Icecreams melted in the mouth and the flavours popped out making it a pleasure to eat. Yummy strawberry shake that comes in a dairy free option.

I’ve ate with these guys few times already, and thanks to their consistency they’re all great.

Immaculate presentation of premises.

You will find 6 high quality pictures of the venue and meal itself in my gallery.

If you are in the area of central Christchurch you must try this burger restaurant. Remarkable taste!


BurgerFuel, Christchurch, Riccarton Rd

Always perfect+Fantastic service and value+Huge and tasty burgers! Just in Burgerfuel!

Burger Fuel has never let me down! Amazing burgers using high quality ingredients and they taste great.

A great spot with such good staff, a great range of burgers and served so quickly. How a burger should be in all ways. Well done guys, keep it up and thank you for one of the best I have ever had.

The burgers are large and filling and taste incredible

Every time I go to this burger fuel joint, the staff are amazing, the food is perfect, and it’s always a great experience.

The comparison to other main brads of burgers was leagues apart. Quick takeaways, reasonably priced and way nicer than any drive through.

You will find 9 high quality pictures of the venue and these tasty burgers-American Muscle Double and Burnout itself in my gallery.

I loved the burger holders that stopped me dripping sauce down my front

If you are looking for a good hamburger on the go, you have to go to Burgerfuel!


BurgerFuel, Christchurch, Hereford Street

Best burger chain in NZ. Smack and Cheese-best hamburger ever, Best…Best…Best!

Home of the ‚Doofer’ and fantastic burgers – my favourite was always a B*stard & BBQ Roadster but now it is the Smack and Cheese. Succulent, tasty as and overall just the best.

This is top of the range stuff, originated in Christchurch and now established around the world. The burgers are delicious and worth the price.

Like a lot of NZ restaurants they also cater for dietary needs which is a must these days.

I’ve eaten already two times in Burger Fuel. The food is always delicious and is more like a home cooked burger than takeaways.

Ordered and was very surprised to have the burger on my table so quickly. When I ate the burger I couldn’t believe how good it was.

You will find 11 high quality pictures of the venue and these tasty burgers itself below.

If you are in the area of central Christchurch you must try this burger restaurant. Remarkable taste! Don’t know what a ‚Doofer’ is? Go to BurgerFuel to find out!


Governors Bay Restaurant, Governors Bay

Tasty meals, lovely surroundings, compulsory stop in Governors Bay, 5 stars!

The meals were enjoyable and the staff were pleasant and helpful. Friendly service and amazing views to enjoy while you eat.

Great setting and beautiful old building full of character. The hotel itself is beautifully restored from the devastating earthquakes and has been in operation since 1870. The pub/restaurant has an amazing view of the harbour.

They have a excellent range of beers and drinks and the desert was to die for. Absolutely spot on, tasty and fabulous.

I didn’t have to wait long before the meal arrived. Looked delicious and tasted delicious also.

The hosts make you feel very welcome. Jeremy and Clare-the hosts were very welcoming and most attentive to my needs.

The garden is lovely, with plenty of tables with parasols. The fireplace was an excellent touch too.

There is accommodation available as well. You will find 19 high quality pictures of the restaurant.

The atmosphere was great! I highly recommend it if you want a healthy and tasty meal with great service!


Silverstream Bar and Restaurant, Fairlie

A must stop + great food + friendly, country atmosphere making you feel very welcome. 5 stars!

This is one of those pubs where you are always greeted with a smile and they have an excellent selection of beverages, including espresso coffees.

The owners are great the food is great. It’s a great step back to the old days.

The owner was very helpful. New Zealand hospitality without feeling like an outsider in a restaurant locals love.

I came away impressed by the quality of the food and how guickly my meals were served.

The food is always delicious and well presented, the staff are always friendly.

The pub has a lot of country charm with photos adorning the walls showing the proud history of the local community. There’s a pool table, juke box and wood heater …all in all, the pub has a welcoming feel to it.

You can enjoy a few quiet beers, a chat with the locals and watch the rugby on the big screen TV.

The pub had a nice atmosphere. Can’t recommend this place highly enough!



BurgerFuel, Courtenay Place, Invercargill

Good, consistent product + Best burger I’ve ever had+ Top, Friendly Staff!

I was greeted when I walked in, it was clean, warm and welcoming. Food arrived quickly and was very tasty

They have a great selection of burgers, use healthy delicious ingredients and they also have gluten free options.

I was in BurgerFuel twice and the service and food is consistently good. The burgers are so tasty!!!! I love the home ambiance, very clean and indeed a cozy atmosphere and a great Kiwi hospitality! 🙂

The inside part of the restaurant provides you a calm area to eat and rest far from the city hustle and bustle.

A much better choice than all the fast food joints available today and very well balanced. If you are a vegetarian you will be pleasantly surprised to find a tofu version of the burger.

The sizes of the burgers vary from a smaller size, if you are watching your waistline or a larger one if you feel hungry. The same can be said about the prices.

They use char grilled chicken breast instead of frozen patty which is really a healthy option.

Their burger are huge consist special aioli sauce & served in Doofer, a folding cardboard burger-holder. Great taste & fresh very different from any other burger we know.

I am cyclist and recently ate two burgers-Bas#ard which I ate before and love it to bits and limited edition-Smack and Cheese. The last one is 100% pure grass fed, New Zealand Beef smashed Juicy with Macaroni Cheese , Melted Cheddar, Super-Tasty Bacon, Cheese Sauce, Salad and Relish on a Wholemeal Bun. Additionally there is truffle Aioli and my favourite-Macaroni Cheese. Yummy yummy in my tummy tummy!

They gave me a fuel for next 100 km of challenging ride through New Zealand slopes! Real, powerful fuel for my muscles!

You will find 17 high quality pictures of the Burger Fuel Invercargill, Bas#ard and Smack and Cheese Burgers. Take a look how huge they are! Burgerfuel is top notch and you must taste it!


Fat Badger Pizza, Queenstown

3 x S=Super Tasty, Super Big, Super Fresh. Definitely BEST Pizza in Queenstown!

Super delicious pizza, quality venue, fantastic staff, awesome beer !

Located right in town this is a great place and it’s open late so it’s easy to stop by for a late night pizza with friends.

There are a great range of pizzas and sides to choose from.

When you order a large one, be sure to bring your appetite with you. The large pizza will be enough for three to four people or for two really hungry people. Twenty inches in diameter and packed full of toppings on a crispy crust.

Friendly, lively and relaxed atmosphere!

Excellent value and that pizza was fantastic.

You can eat in or take away.

Would recommend this place for anyone looking for delicious, huge pizza in Queenstown- extensive menu that did not disappoint!


Pita Pit, 38 Ballalat St., Queenstown

Great & Fresh & Healthy Food+Many options+Super friendly staff+A Must Visit! 

Friendly lady greeted me. She was great and explained how it all worked.

You have difference size, type of pita and a lot of things for put it on. Difference kind of sauces, fresh or toasted. Plenty of choice with wholemeal or white pita breads, protein (chicken, beef, lamb) & loads of fresh salad ingredients. You choose what meat and filling you would like. There are vegetarian and gluten free options.

I ate Pita Roast Lamb. The food was very good looking and cooked right in front of you, very fresh and healthy.

They have a gluten free pita option or salad for those who are gluten free. There is also version for vegetarians with lots of salad and vegetables to go on your menu with tasty sauce or dressing.

Staff is friendly, cheerful and smiling. If you order a pita of salad it is usually done within 3 minutes. Great for kids and adults.

The store is always clinically clean.

Absolutely „must visit” once you will be in Queenstown. Pita Pit is a well known chain that offered the ability to construct your own pita meal.

It is a 5 minute walk to the lake. The atmosphere was great! I highly recommend it if you want a quick, healthy alternative with great service!


@ Thai Cuisine, Queenstown

Authentic Thai Food I’ve had since Thailand + Super fresh + Quick & Friendly Staff!

I’ve not had Pad Thai and Green Curry Chicken like this since I left Thailand so I will definitely recommend!

Owner recommended the dishes, offered detailed knowledgeable explanations about each dish when I asked, she made sure I am happy and comfortable all throughout the evening.

It was the tastiest Thai I have ever had! A definite visit if you’re craving Thai cuisine.The food was so fresh and delicious. Quick cooking time, great friendly service.

There is also a nice selection of NZ wines, desserts, drinks.

The restaurant is also very clean. Atmosphere is peaceful and relaxing.
Staff is friendly, fast and efficient.

If you want to discover the true Thai Food and the nice people from there go to At Thai Restaurant in Queenstown! They are open from 4.00 PM till late on 8 Church Street, Queenstown. Full recommendation! 5 stars!

Green Curry Chicken and Berry Smoothie


Pancake Rock Cafe, Punakaiki

REAL pizza in New Zealand for 110%, full recommendation, 5 stars!

I ate Pizza Salami which was thin, crust and very tasty and was prepared very quickly. Pizza is clearly freshly made. That is why is REAL PIZZA! Restaurant is just opposite the Pancake Rocks entrance.

I hope they will serve their delicious crunchy pizza for a long time to come, so many more travelers can enjoy it. The staff is efficient and lovely to deal with.

Decor of the restaurant is very cosy and the restaurant is clean.

Staff is friendly, fast and efficient. Patrick-owner is very helpful and approachable.

If you will get hungry in Punakaiki this is the place where you should go!


BurgerFuel, Courtenay Place, Wellington Central

BEST Burgers in New Zealand. EXCELLENT and fun place! Super tasty, fresh and huge!

I’m quite picky when it comes to food. These guys are great at coming up with new burgers and don’t just stick with the same old burgers that you can get everywhere else.

As a fan of BurgerFuel all over the country its hard not to write a review saying good job. There is a large selection of burgers to chose from. For vegetarians, there are vegetarian options available.

I had The B*stard and Bacon BBQ Roadster and all I can say is WOW!!! The B*stard that included of all things like Mango and avocado.

Bacon and avocado, sauce I wasn’t familiar with but blended well-known this was a good treat. It was juicy, tender, full of flavour and just plain delicious. The burgers are huge and very tasty. They are such a huge that next time I will have to take my „fish eye” lens to catch it all on the pictures 😉

The various ingredients are high quality, fresh, the sauces are delicious and they don’t skimp on anything.

Both burgers looked like as shown on the pictures and it tasted like heaven on earth! The variety of burgers is significant.

I also love how they always taste fresh. I’ve never had a stale bun or a chewy piece of meat. It always tastes great and they put the perfect amount of sauce on!

Decor of the restaurant is pretty cool.

Staff is friendly, fast and efficient. Place is clean and I didn’t have to wait long for my burgers.

Packaging is biodegradable and printed with vegetable oils.

5 STARS! I will get back to BurgerFuel for 110%!


Yeng Keng Cafe, George Town

Delicious lunch. Top-notch service.

We tried local menu in this restaurant. I’m vegetarian so I could enjoy veggies in gravy sauce and pecambur salad. My partner tried theirs special chicken. At the end we ate local dessert – pearls with coconut cream and palm sugar. Everything was fresh and delicious. Top-notch service and great old style design of this place just calling you to go back there. We had lunch with Mr Poh -manager- who was very talkative person and told us many stories about the Island itself and heritage hotel which is jusy next to restaurant. Highly recommend during yoir stay in Georgetown.



Bluepumpkin, Siem Reap

Not only dessert spot. Delicious lunch.

Blue Pumpkin is not only desserts spot. We tried there few things. Firstly we found nice spot on the 2nd floor in cool longue. They offer connection of cambodian and western cuisine. For example amok ravioli is combination of brilliant coconut, limegrass flavour sauce with ravioli pasta stuffed with fish. Mouthwatering! Apart that we ordered mango salsa… chef must be proud of himself cause it was incredible. Sweet mango with spicy dressing and crunchy prawns on the top tasted delicious. If you wish for something more western they have got plenty of sandwiches – also vegetarian. We were full already but we couldn’t say no to their chocolate-caramel cake, cheesecake and ice creams of course… so many flavours… regular like chocolate, salty caramel and local like meringa, ginger&black seesame. Good we had fresh brewded coffe to drink with theese desserts…
Service was top-notch as well. Young team working fast.
Highly recommend!