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Bimago, Wrocław

Top quality, fast shipment, wide range of different maps, unique gift 

The quality of this map is absolutely brilliant. The same with details mapping and intensity of colours.

This is also very unique gift. I am more than sure that almost anyone’s eyes light up when they will see this map.

Firstly it looks fabulous and compliments any wall you stick it to. Secondly it is possible to use the push pins to attach photos, postcards, tickets and mementos of all travels. This map allows to create a totally personalised and unique world map. Literally we can picture our world.

These guys have a wide variety of different maps. Every traveller will find something appealing. Fully recommended!



The Happy Herb Shop, Sydney

Great store, Great products, Friendly and informed staff, Awesome shop… A must visit !

This is an amazing place! It is so well organized.

so many teas and other natural products for instance damiana whici is a well known tea, used for calming the mind and also detoxing the kidneys.

The place isn’t cluttered and everything is labeled with neat stickers that explain the product’s usage to help you achieve a desired effect: better sleep, laughter, prolong sex life, relaxation.

These guys are the herb specialists, offering herbal solutions to pretty much any problem you may have. Their herbs come in a variety of forms; teas, skin care and some are smokable.

The staff was able to answer any questions I have about the products. It’s like being somewhere real…senses alert, the smell, the feel, and interesting people that shop.

There is something for everyone, and a great place to pick up gorgeous unique gifts.

The prices are very affordable. If you’re looking for an original gift, The Happy Herb Shop is the place! Recommended stop!


Macadamia Castle, Knockrow

Great stop over! Great place to visit with children ! Great pancakes!

The place is a well run small Australian themed zoo. Lots of opportunities to see and engage with animals and the keepers are friendly and knowledgeable and do great talks.

The standout was the interactions with animals and their handlers. Lots of opportunities to handle animals and the keepers were lovely and knowledgeable.

These are just some of our animals which I saw: Koalas, Wombats, Wallabies, Kangaroos, Emus, Tawny Frog Mouths. At least 20 bird species in 4 different aviarys ( and a free flight bird show every day), Salt Water Crocodiles, Snakes. There are animals that you can hand feed out the back of the castle.

Another asset is the cafe with the legendary pancakes which are DELICIOUS! The choices are endless and they are amazing!Huge portions and delicious to the extreme. Friendly service and very quick.

You can take a picnic lunch and covered BBQ areas available. A good gift shop with hot nuts and speciality local products.Free mini golf. Lovely playground with a treehouse and flying fox.

Highly recommended spending a whole day here as there is heaps to do.Park is wheelchair and stroller friendly.

Definitely would recommend a visit, especially for those with young children – it’s often hard to find activities for the younger kids when travelling.


Spirit Whale Watching, Gold Coast
Best way to get up close and personal with these majestic giants and…dolphins too! Absolutely Amazing!

All started from lovely welcome from the staff member pointing us in the right direction at the entrance and then being welcomed aboard.

The complimentary tea, coffee and biscuits was a nice touch too.

The boat was good and had plenty of outside access areas to get good views and photo opportunities.

There’s a fabulous view of the coast looking back once out.

The crew were fantastic, safety was paramount and most importantly viewing was readily available despite the boat being at near capacity. I certainly got up close and personal to the whales and would highly recommend this trip. It started at 9:30 and we were back by 12:20pm.

The trip took 3 hours. For the first hour we did not see the whales but for the last 2 hours we see 2 whales as well has a group of dolphins. They were right next to the boat and even stuck their heads out of the water.

Just get out there with your hat, sunscreen, water and of course your most important memory catcher-your camera.

And what great photos for memories later. Full recommendation!

Cloud 9 Seaplanes, Gold Coast

Words cannot describe this awesome experience+Best way to View the Gold Coast+Spectacular must-do day trip!

The seaplane itself is very comfortable and the take-off, flight and landing is great fun. The entire experience was beyond awesome.

I can’t remember the last time I smiled quite so much! Amazing views over surfers paradise and south stradbroke island.

Takeoff and landing on the water was such an exhilarating experience, the view of the coastline was spectacular! For anyone who is making the most of their time on the GC, going up in the Seaplane is certainly a way to see a whole lot of the coast in a short space of time.

This was the highlight of my trip to GC. The ride in a seaplane was going to be exciting in itself, however, I have a lot more than I bargained for.

You will find 24 high quality pictures from that flight in my gallery.

I can guarantee that by the time you’ve finished the flight, you’ll be so pleased that you’ll be recommending this awesome experience to all your friends and family! Pete the pilot is superbly friendly, fun, accommodating, easy-going!

New Zealand

Alpine Jet, Christchurch

Great fun on the river+Scenic and fun experience+Must do in Christchurch! Just with Alpine Jet!

Safari included collection from my hostel in Christchurch, one hour drive to mountains. During the way Paul explained lots of exciting facts about the area and the gorge.

The ride was well organized, and lots of fun, with speed and 360’s spins to add to the
excitement. You definitely will get wet. The boat operators provide spray jackets, jackets and gloves. Trip was handled well from a safety standpoint as well.

Our driver was informative by sharing his knowledge of the area. He was pleasant and humorous and made the trip all that much more fun. He’s very experienced which is good to know when you are hurtling towards rock faces at 85kmh and missing them by inches.

All in all it is an amazing experience – sunshine, clear water and the breath-taking
scenery! The gorge is just beautiful to look at. Definitely worth a trip if you like
amazing river scenery – high cliffs etc and an adrenalin rush !

You will find 39 high quality pictures along with Alpine Jet business card. 5 stars!!!

Lakeland Explorer, Twizel

Mt.Cook just with Lakeland Explorer! Small Groups+Amazing place+Knowledgable guide! 

Jill-company director pick up me at 6.00 AM on the dot. The same happened regards to collection time at the end of the trail.

She took me to the Mt.Cook in a modern, comfortable, clean van. Jill was a wonderful guide on my trip to Mt.Cook from Twizel. She is a local that loves the area and was knowledgeable and personable.

She is reliable, punctual and entertaining.

It is a small bus tour & much more intimate & personal than the big busses.

Jill also gave me a suggestions in terms of proper time to make two trails-Mueller Hut and Hooker Valley and…the weather was perfect. You will be captivated by the beauty of both tracks, a must visit in the South!

And do not even think if you should explore these trails or not. It left me breathtaking. One in a lifetime experience.

You will find photo gallery from both trails plus pictures of Lakeland Explorer leaflets with all contact details.

I would most certainly recommend these trails to anyone looking into visiting Twizel. Do it with Lakeland Explorer and you will not regret that decision!

Lakeland Explorer also provides bike rental, supported cycling trips, Alps2Ocean trip support, scenic tours, stargazing tours. Check out their website

Fiordland Tours, Te Anau

Milford Sound just with Fiordland Tours! Small Groups+Amazing place+Knowledgable guide!

What a amazing day! I chose Fjordland Tours based upon the reviews, and the size of their tours, about 10. I went on the Extraordinaire tour that Ray had suggested and I am glad I did. The tour package was filled with highlights and the weather was perfect.

Terry, our guide and coach driver, picked me up from my hotel at 8 AM and proceeded to provide delightful, insightful commentary for the next 9 hours. He was friendly and knowledgable, stopped at some very special places on the journey and all the stops were incredible. He gave us advices for the best viewing spots. Terry even stopped to watch unexpected events-the planes landing. We stopped at about 19 different places for photo opportunities, including small walks to the Chasm and Lake Marian’s Falls. The relaxed pace allowed for short walks and many photo stops.

He kept our small group away from the crowds and knew exactly when and where to stop to avoid the larger tours. He delivered us to the boat terminal, organised our boarding passes and made sure that we made it onto the boat. The boat was operated by Cruise Milford and was also small and intimate. It included the people on our bus and a few other passengers. We were fortunate to have beautiful, sunny weather, a bonus for a perfect day with Terry. It would not have been possible with a large coach. The smaller bus meant for more personal contact and the knowledge of Terry regarding flora, fauna and history was fantastic.

I am 6’2″ tall but every seat would have been suitable for me and comfy.

As part of the tour, you can select to purchase lunch (~$20). Morning tea and lunch was also included. And the scones and tea were well received.

It went far beyond my expectations and was definitely worth every single dollar spent!

You will find 49 high quality pictures from the tour in gallery+pictures of the full program of the tour including 19 stops!

I would most certainly recommend this tour to anyone looking into visiting Milford Sound and learning about the local culture, flora & fauna, plus main attractions in an enjoyable and entertaining way! I felt this tour was perfect and definitely well worth it!

Petr Hlavacek Gallery, Whataroa

Photographic mastery, absolutely stunning, must see !

It was total surprise to find Petr Hlavacek gallery on my way to Whataroa.

I recommend leaving yourself plenty of time to be mesmerized by both the scenes he’s photographed and his skills. This is a must see gallery for anyone into photography of New Zealand landscapes.

Petr Hlavacek has a talent, not just one or two great photos but a gallery filled with many stunning limited edition prints.

He is very friendly and helpful, sharing some interesting stories about the photos and where they came from. He captured the beauty and majesty of the New Zealand landscape remarkably. His photoalbums in small and big format are
available to purchase. This gallery is a beautiful way to experience his work.

The location is just at the doorstep of Whataroa, 2 km away from the city.

I would definately recommend this gallery to everybody – if I ever return to Whataroa then I would visit Petr again. Petr is a great ambassador for New Zealand landscapes with his knowledge of photographic art.

I would recommend to all who are going through Whataroa to stop in and learn! 5 stars! Thank you Petr for that remarkable experience.

Mitchelss Gold Mine, Charleston

MRC= Must See! REAL goldmine! Complete surprise! 

It’s a very authentic goldmine!

I explored dark tunnels, mine shafts, and passageways through the iron sand rock, walked along the original train tracks, witnessed equipment used in the day.

In the little miner’s hut at the entrance, I met the man whose great great grandfather started the mine back in New Zealand’s famous gold rush days of the late 1800s.
Photo of his son standing by the water wheel and gold stampers helped to recreate the scene as it is today.

He explained how the mining was done, what life was like and gives great little demos of the rocks themselves. And if you are lucky you may get to see some glow worms!

Lovely place. Would recommend to all who are going past to stop in and learn!

5 stars!

Fun Offroad Adventures, Whanganui

Best Off Road Tour I’ve ever had! Best activity in the Wanganui area, once in a lifetime opportunity!

100% recommend this to everyone! This off-road tour was by far the best activity that I have ever done. Warrick was the perfect tour guide and driver and I would recommend this adventure to anyone looking to get away from it all for a day and who enjoys doing something a bit different.

We cruised along the coast line, bounced our way through the forest and drifted over the sand dunes, through picturesque scenery of NZs untouched bush. That is the most adrenalin pumping, fun packed adventure. Breathtaking scenery!

Exciting tracks and trails together with some of the most beautiful coastline and beaches. It is hard to explain how beautiful and how many hidden treasures there are off the beaten track. Never a boring moment !

Wear glasses and prepare to get dirty !

There are 50 pictures from that brilliant adventure which awaiting for you in the gallery on Trip Advisor.

5 stars! Thanks again Warrick!

Summit Shuttles, Tongariro Alpine Crossing Transport

Tongariro Crossing just with Ray and Summit Shuttles! Professionals by big P !

Ray-company director pick up us at 7.00 AM on the dot. The same happened regards to collection time at the end of the trail. Punctuality is their second name.

Ray was friendly and fun and gave us all important informations and necessary advices about trail and weather conditions.

Van is clean, modern, and comfortable as you see on my pictures.

Full recommendation for that company. In the gallery you will find picture of Ray business card (email, phone number) to make a reservation.

And do not even think if you should explore that trail or not. It left our whole group breathtaking. One in a lifetime experience. And if you know that somebody will pick you up afterwards on time is even better.

5 stars!!

Ernest Kemp Cruises, Taupo

Cruise on Taupo Lake just with Ernest Kemp Cruises! 5 stars! 

I really enjoyed the cruise at lake Taupo and especially the part with Maori Carvings. The whole cruise took around 2 hours and was pleasant all the time. Company provided drinks and pizza.

The staff on board are friendly and informative and the skipper got us close to the
carvings. Ship is modern and in good order.

Thank you and would recommend to anyone including families, couples and backpackers.

Taupo Bungy, Taupo

One in a lifetime experience, top staff.  Remarkable scenery!

I had never done a cliff swinging before and I enjoyed it so much.

It was extremely wonderful and worth to do! 🙂 I would highly recommend to do-experience is unrepeatable and awesome!

The staff was kind and full of humour, checked all my buckles numerous times, made me feel at ease. I didn’t have to wait for the extreme swing at all. The scenery is amazing as well. I would definitely recommend this activity!

I got my photos and video after which is excellent souvenir.



Bangkok Biking, Hua Hin

Hua Hin City Tour

We were biking around Hua Hin with Wesley. Even if he is not Thai he is like a local. He is knowledgeable and he can tell you everything about Thai culture and Hua Hin District. Apart that he is funny and easy going person. We enjoyed our time with him. Time passed fast cause it was so good. What we visited? Four villages in Hua Hin. Some of them was poor, some very rich. We made many stops and during that time Wesley told us many interesting stories. We visited Chinese temple at the sea side… So peaceful. We played with makaki monkeys there. Our last stop it was Thai Box Training Centre where Wesley did show by himself for us. We are ready to participate in these kind of lesson now. We are excited about it. All ride was smooth and easy. Organization was perfect. After 4 houuuu rs of biking delicious meal was waiting for us in the restaurant. Great end of this day. Highly rcommended thing to do in Hua Hin.


Komnob Air Boat Tours, Siem Reap

What a unique experience!

Opportunity to see real floating villages on this speed boat is something that you need to experience during your visit in Siem Reap. We cruised many times during our asian tour and believe us that one was something special. Ride but itself is enjoyable but to see real life around Tonle Sap Lake – unbelievable. It will open your eyes for the World. Our guide was knowledgeable and funny and our captain was skilled. He moved smoothly between all objects on our way. What initiative we admire is fact, that they provided some lollipops, pens and notepads just for one reason – to give it to children who were going back from school. Company with the mission. Highly recommend, reliable company.

Hidden Cambodia Adventure Tours, Siem Reap

Beng Malea – jungle diamond by professionals
They picked us up by tuktuk and firstly (during morning coffee) explained us in the office where are we going and what we will see today. Ride by itself was great. We enjoyed rice paddies around. Rural villages… real life of local people.
We visited palm sugar family factory where we had opportunity to try palm juice just collected from the tree. We saw boy who climbed there and brought it down for us. We tried rice whiskey – its very strong so just taste it drivers. But the best thing was hot palm sugar straight from the pot. So yummy! Like Carmel… we took some with us and we already ate half of it. Very friendly family! The other stop on our way to Beng Malea was family basket production line ;-). And some children who are making bracelets with your name on it (or anything you want). They cost one dollar but brought smiles of children worth fortune! Just before the we had delicious linch in local restaurant. Full of power we was ready to see Beng Malea which made big impression on us. We saw Angkor ealier but this one is different (same, same but different ;-)). This one is destroyed a little by jungle and nobody tried to restore it. They just made wooden path and leave temple to live the jungle life… so you can see combination of old acient building eaten by jungle trees. Thriller scenery. Incredible!

Grasshopper Adventures, Siem Reap

Jump into rice paddies with Grasshoppers

We’ve chosen morning ride. We were watching rice paddies and buffalo around. Children were waving to us all way long. Just real life in Cambodia. We visited so many placeson our way: local market, traditional house, rice factory, pigs farm, vegetables gardens, Buddhist Pagoda, mushrooms farm, crocodiles farm as well. We tasted some local snacks. We wont tell you more details cause some surprises are waiting for you there. Our guide was knowledgeable and funny. He made our tour more interesting. We came back aground noon to enjoy fresh coconut juice (straight from shell!) into Grasshoppers Office. Enjoyable morning! That experience won’t be missed

Khmer Ways, Siem Reap

Khmer Cruiser

Sunset ride was enjoyable. We were watching rice paddies and buffalo around. Children were waving to us all way long. Just real life of real people – not tourist traps. We visited Village Buddhist Pagoda as well. We have seen many temples but that one was unique… special painting on the walls showed sins of people. Looks differently than all things we’ve seen. We had fun with our guide who showed us area. If you are not experienced rider dont be afraid, you will travel rural roads without many vehicles.

Siem Reap Private Tours by Mr.Kriss

Angkor Wat Tours – only with Mr Kriss!

Mr Kriss picked us up early morning. He was waiting for us at the reception when we came sleepy to join his Sunrise Angkor Tour. We bought tickets early in the morning and ride fast to sunrise spot. Mr Kriss advised which place we should choose to catch the best pictures. We admired amazing sunrise above Angkor Wat. Then we moved to another temple… Afterwards we spent a lot of time there so he was waiting for us next to his air conditioning, spacious car. He provided ice-cold towels which was a huge relief after hot noon we spent walking around the temple. Then we move smoothly to Bayon. Mr. Kriss told us some stories about all buildings around. Apart that we felt like VIP s. We could stop anywhere we wanted to make photoes and walk around. He was ready to stay with us until sunset but after busy day we decided to come back to our hotel. Mr. Kriss is a good person and great tour operator. Highly recommended!!

Tara Boat, Phnom Penh

Phnom Penh to Siem Reap by Mekong River

We traveled with Tara Family from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap. Pick up was on time so we went on the boat very fast. We are cyclist so we have as a luggage our bicycles and some bags. Staff helped us to locate it on the board which wasn’t so easy. We cruised through Mekong River smoothly… We were watching views around… Floating towns, markets… Just Real Mekong life. Very enjoyable! It was nice, calm cruise. We enjoyed delicious lunch on board and around noon we were transfered to the van and driven straight to our hotel in Siem Reap.